One of Jim Boyle's greatest gifts—and one of his greatest pleasures—is working as a vocal coach. He considers each voice to be individual, just as the person is. Therefore, he seeks to help the singer discover his or her own particular sound. He is very good at hearing the potential of a singer even before the singer realizes where he or she is headed. The process is the product, and what Jim and his student discover and enjoy in the studio together is what is taken to the stage for performance.

Jim uses some of the bel canto approach to vocal coaching, emphasizing normal breathing and a natural sound for each individual student. What he does not do is to have a model in mind for a student to fit. In Jim's approach, each vocal student is a singer first and then a classification of vocal quality, like soprano, alto, bass or tenor. He believes that many of these terms overlap and that the classification depends a great deal on where the voice blooms, as well as the individual's range. Jim attempts to have each singer develop at his or her own rate, while encouraging good sound and true studio procedures. He works a great deal on clarifying vowels and in hearing what makes the voice really work well. Jim feels strongly that presentation and attitude are on the same level as vocal production—a great voice with no stage presence is a failure to those who are the audience—and he works with his students to develop confidence, style, and artistry in their singing performances.