Jim has sung in many choirs and has the ability to reinforce the bass section by adjusting his voice to the style of the music. As an ensemble singer, Jim has sung with very large groups like the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay as well as with small ensembles like the Clifton Street Singers. In addition, Jim has sung in many duet and trio ensembles. His preference is always smaller ensembles, where the color of his rich and powerful voice is not lost. His approach is to produce a legitimate tone and not to filter out all the color by trying to blend completely. Of course, there is always some give and take with an ensemble, but his sensitivity to the music makes that a matter of course rather than a goal.

Jim is a team player but can bring out his part when needed, always staying within the style of the music. He brings to each ensemble a strong sense of style and sensitivity to text, thus communicating emotion. Jim does not believe that all music must be pretty, but he feels strongly that all music does need to communicate. His innate sensitivity for musical communication enhances the quality of the ensembles in which he sings.