Jim Boyle studied music composition at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. He has composed many choral pieces, some for small ensembles and some for larger choirs. He has the ability to supply both the poetry and the music or to work from a supplied written text and compose the music only. Most of Jim's original compositions have been written for a chorus or choir with a piano accompaniment. He starts with the text and then uses the words' meanings and emotions to move to the composition of music.

Because Jim has composed so much and has such a good understanding of form, harmony, and the written score, the process usually goes smoothly. He has composed pieces for ensembles he conducts, and he has also provided compositions for ensembles conducted by other choral directors, usually for special occasions and celebrations. Recently, Jim composed a hymn for a church congregation that was celebrating its 175th anniversary. He worked from text supplied by the congregation and set it to his original music, using the feelings expressed in the text as inspiration for the melody. Jim has one published composition to his credit and several more waiting to be submitted and accepted.

Jim Boyle