Jim Boyle's background as an accompanist began over thirty years ago. He has accompanied choirs and vocal and instrumental soloists on the piano throughout the Southeast, and he has accompanied small orchestras and choirs on the organ for concerts and church performances.

Jim's success as a sensitive and intuitive accompanist comes from his extensive experience as a vocal and instrumental soloist himself. He senses closely what the soloist is doing, and he is able to respond in a way that shows off the soloist's performance. He truly enjoys accompanying as a way of performing, and he enjoys a partnership that allows the soloist or choir or instrumental ensemble to relax and do their very best.

Jim offers quite a bit of flexibility as an accompanist, and he is not locked into the score as it is printed on the page. He has the ability to reduce a score into a believable accompaniment if it is too complex for normal playing, and he can also expand a score if it is too simple or static. Because of his solid background in theory, harmony and analysis, Jim's ability to adjust a piece on the spur of the moment for the benefit of the soloist gives the soloist quite a bit of comfort and confidence.

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