As a solo artist, Jim has experience in performing as a solo vocalist, as well as performing solos on piano, organ and recorder.


As a solo singer, Jim brings many years of study and instruction of choirs and soloists to bear on his own solo performance. Although, he is trained in operatic singing, he is gifted in interpreting songs across many various styles and genres—Spirituals, Oratorios, Art Music, and legitimate Broadway-type songs. His many years as an instrumentalist have exposed him to many styles of music, from which he pulls as a vocal soloist. He is a confident and entertaining singer with a rich and dependable voice, never having to worry so much about being "in good voice".


Jim's solo playing ranges from classical and religious music played for churches to all kinds of music played for weddings, memorial services, receptions, and seasonal party work. He plays both piano and organ, having studied keyboards for eight years prior to studying in college and graduate school. Although he does not consider himself to be a classical solosit, he plays very well in public. He has a broad repetoire of music and is extremely skilled at sight-reading and improvisation.

Recorder Player

Jim has played solo recorder for many years since studying the instrument in college. For years, he was a member of the Tampa Bay Chapter of the American Recorder Society, and he plays bass, tenor, alto and soprano recorder, as well as sopranino. Jim plays with a natural tone but can also play with tremulant (vibrato), which is a pleasing alternative style for many pieces.

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