Jim Boyle has many years' experience as a choir conductor, working with children's choruses, church choirs, and professional chorals. As a choral conductor, his main work is done during rehearsal sessions, and he is present in the concert setting as an enabler and motivational focus for the ensemble.

Jim views conducting as a cooperative effort to bring the best result to any particular ensemble. In choral music, he seeks to achieve the highest performance that any group can achieve without having a preconceived notion of what the sound should be. That approach makes each group unique rather than trying to achieve "the Jim Boyle sound". There are choral groups and orchestras that have a particular sound based on the concepts of the conductor, and each group sounds the same—or very similar—when that conductor is at the podium. Jim, on the other hand, enjoys discovering and enhancing the unique sound in each particular group, revealing something that is new, individual and exciting.